SOLILOQUIES: Notes from the drawing book


Date: December 15, 2011 | Location


The hypocrisies in the name of development, the never ending corruption, the ancient social and religious cruelties, the communal fanaticism and the various other turpitudes of present day society. One just cannot escape from reality of our everyday life. We try not to get affected by it. Time and again it disturbs us, murmurings in our heads go silent. We are increasingly questioning less, reduced to being a sad bemused observer. What does one do? This drawing series is an attempt to bring a form to all that unsettles you, all the fragmented expressions - affected by hundreds of questions. This particular feeling of your own observation of reality you want to express in some ways- is a kind of a monologue or rather soliloquy. These drawings are culmination of those layers of expressions intended to give the illusion of unspoken reflections. Although inspired by reality, they are however semi abstract and fictional -a metaphoric imagery letting way for hundreds of overlapping thoughts. While depicting and transforming these sensitive thoughts into line drawings, the line played an integral role in creating a new form, far more complex and intricate. These drawings are my voice, a way of questioning and looking at the reality of the noisy polluted fragile life of ours.